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The Importance of Articulation

Articulation is the ability to express a thought clearly and effectively. Communication begins with articulation. It comes into focus when you speak because your audience does not have subtitles or a pause button.

If you want people to understand you, articulate each word clearly. The same applies to the written word. When you structure sentences, it’s important to keep the flow easy and the words simple yet engaging. Being articulate is an essential business skill.

In India, most of us have learned how to read and write in English. However, most people do not speak it much. Even written English is not given as much importance from a point of how to clearly make a statement. The stark contrasts in the speech and writing of a native English speaker vs an Indian one are evident in articulation.


Being articulate in oral and written communication is correlated with capability and intelligence. People refer to articulate speakers as “SMART”. Many Indians miss out on key roles across the globe because they are unable to express their thoughts and idea in a clear manner. There is a distinction between accent and articulation. An accent is the inflection of words while articulation is the ability to clearly express. Don’t confuse the two.


Many people are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. But sadly, they struggle to communicate. Inarticulate people mumble a lot, add noises like ‘eerrr”, ummm”, etc., are vague with terms used, and speak in circles. No one has the patience for such folks in this fast-paced world. Employers, clients, colleagues, and subordinates find such people frustrating.

The same applies to writing. People who are unable to effectively communicate a message will remain in the shadows. Get to the point and use few words to deliver your message.

A good way to master articulation is to write. Write down conversations or thoughts. Read them aloud slowly and clearly. See if it feels right. This process will help you articulate better in oral and written communication.

Success usually follows articulate people because they clearly express their thoughts and ideas.


1. Speak out loud

Record yourself as you have a monologue with yourself or read out a paragraph from a book. Are you enunciating each word? Are you speaking too fast? Can another person understand you? Listen to yourself and fix the issues.

2. Don’t mumble

If you come across a word that you are unfamiliar with, don’t be afraid to pronounce it. It’s alright if you’re wrong. You can always correct yourself. Make sure you pronounce each syllable of each word clearly without trailing off.

3. Cut it short

Keep your message short. Use simple sentences with simple words. Whatever you have to communicate, in speech or writing, make sure you state it with the least amount of words possible. Create simple sentences with common words that everyone can understand.

4. Be specific

Don’t ramble on or be vague with detail or description. If you are describing a garden. Instead of stating, “I have plenty of food in my kitchen.” You could consider this: “I have a bowl of rice, a Caesar salad, mutton cutlets, kheema parathas, and dal.”

These tips will help you articulate better. You can go into more detail once you’ve mastered these 4 pointers.
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