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I love the written word. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to sit back with a book and lose myself in someone else’s story.

As a budding writer, I used to look for writing contests to showcase my work, get feedback, improve my writing skills, and hopefully win an award. However, there were very few contests spaced out unevenly through the year– nothing that was hosted at regular intervals. This sparked the idea to start Writing Hat.

I confess a weakness for proficient communication, both oral and written, and my fondness for a good tale has never waned.

— Kavitha Cariappa

Making every viewpoint matter

Writing Hat is a passion project born out of love for the written word. Started for the pure pleasure of reading and writing, it aims to use the power of the internet to make sure every story is heard.

We want your stories and ideas to be read by as many people as possible. Let us help you practice your craft, where we’ll judge you primarily on substance, grammar, and individual voice. It is important for you to focus on punctuation, syntax, and semantics while you have the liberty to play around with tone and style of writing.

This is a forum where you can engage with like-minded people, exchange ideas, receive peer feedback, and challenge yourself to write on just about anything. We urge you to share your unique experiences and weave tales through the art of storytelling.

Write to Write Better

Our very reason for existing is to help you gain the skills to be a good writer and the confidence to be a great storyteller. Our vision is to let you tap into the sap of your imagination and see what flows. Everyone has a story inside them. We want to help you discover yours.

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